Staff Picks

27 June - 31 July 2020

Since March, the staff at Inman Gallery have sorely missed the normal gallery foot traffic and the conversations that enrich not only our work lives but our lives in general. With the gallery re-opening by appointment, we have happily been reunited with the art we love, but we are doubly missing our conversations with visitors. 


Each Saturday for the next three weeks, a new group of artworks selected by each member of the Inman Gallery staff will be posted to this online viewing room, along with a short write up. If it's a pleasure to live with art, it is at least an equal pleasure to work with it, and it’s hard not to have favorites we want to share. This isn't a perfect substitute for an in-person visit, but we hope it's a start. As always, we look forward to the day we can welcome a larger group to the gallery, and until that time, we hope you feel free to make an appointment and come by.